Top 5 Tips on How to Test-Drive Used Cars

Nissan used cars are a boon. They are a beacon of hope for people who want to purchase a car but are unable to do so because they’re cash strapped. There are many used Nissan models options out there in the car market. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you test drive a used car in NJ.

1. Drive on several surfaces

Many dealers adhere to a specific road section when offering test drives. However, this will only give you a small glimpse of the car’s condition. You want to learn about the condition of the joints and suspension mounts. The only way to determine this is by driving the used car on rough terrain. Tell your Nissan of North Plainfield dealership that you want to test drive the vehicle on all types of road surfaces. This will help confirm whether the steering and suspension components are working properly.

2. Drive using all the gears

While test driving your used car, ensure you test every gear. This will hint at the vehicle’s performance. When it comes to used vehicles, its performance figures on record don’t matter. You cannot make accurate judgments about the vehicle’s health, that is, the engine, wheel alignment, etc. Only by test driving one can you make a sound decision.

3. Perform U-turns

Do make several U-turns with the used car while driving over different types of surfaces. This will help you determine if there are problems with the steering or drive shafts. If you hear a ‘kat kat’ type of noise, then there’s a problem.

4. Put the four-wheel-drive system to use

Planning on test driving an SUV? Then put to test its 4x4 system. Many owners often neglect their SUV’s transmission system causing it to deteriorate with time. You don’t want to get stuck with expensive repairs so it’s good to know what you’re getting before making the purchase. It also makes good sense to check the SUV’s off-roading capabilities.

5. Test the brakes and look-out for noises

When you test drive a vehicle from North Plainfield Nissan, ensure the windows are rolled down. This will help you hear any noises coming from the suspension, engine, or steering. Be sure to test the brakes at different speeds as well. Lastly, turn on the vehicle’s infotainment system to ensure everything is working well, including the speakers.

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Source: Nissan