How to Add Remote Start to Your Nissan

Nissan Remote Start is a feature that lets you start your car, even when you are away from the car. With Nissan Remote Start, you can start your car's engine and keep your car ready for your journey, even while you are at home or still at work. This becomes especially useful during the cold days or the winter months when keeping your car running and your seats warm before you enter your car can add a new layer of comfort to your day's commute.

The Nissan Remote Start feature is available across select cars from Nissan. You can recognize whether your car is compatible with Nissan Remote Start by searching for a circular arrow located on your key fob. If you find the circular arrow, this means that your car is compatible with Nissan Remote Start. You can either download the Nissan Remote Start app on your phone from Play Store or App Store or ask your car's dealership service person to guide you on how to activate Nissan Remote Start for your Nissan vehicle.

How do you activate Nissan Remote Start for your Nissan Vehicle?

Before you can use Nissan Remote Start to activate your car remotely, you will have to download NissanConnect Services on your phone, after which you can use Nissan Remote Start through the app. Only through the app, or through the MyNISSAN Owner portal will you be able to give the command that remotely starts your car.

Once you register yourself with NissanConnect Services to open a MyNISSAN Owner Portal account, you will have to set up a PIN that enables you to start/stop your car using the portal or the app. After this, whenever you give the command to your Nissan vehicle through your smart device, the vehicle will start. It will run for a period of ten minutes and will stop automatically if you do not start driving in ten minutes. In case you need to add an additional ten minutes to your time, then by giving a Remote Start command to your Nissan through the app, you can add another ten minutes to your time.

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Source: Nissan