The Nissan Rear Door Alert activating on the vehicle dashboard

The Nissan Rear Door Alert (RDA) is a reminder for Nissan car owners to check their rear seats after they have reached their destination. People often forget things in their rear seats, from food to even pets. This has caused problems where rising interior temperatures have hurt both animals, as well as passengers, usually children. The Nissan Rear Door Alert (RDA) works as a warning to drivers to check the back seat of their vehicles.

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A close-up image of a Nissan tire on a vehicle

Nissan is a company that has managed to win over the American publics hearts with their great design and even better tech inside their cars. Reliable and not very expensive, each Nissan is built to last with the minimum amount of maintenance. 

There will be times where you will have to do the bare minimum, but if you take care of your Nissan, it can even last you a couple of decades. These cars are not like the others present in the market and are some of the best vehicles that money can buy. Offering everything...continue reading

A green 2022 Nissan Frontier off-roading

Source: Nissan

For a while, the midsize pickup truck segment didnt have many new vehicles on offer. Now that the new Nissan Frontier has made its entrance, there is a lot to look forward to. The 2022 Nissan Frontier is a midsize pickup with lots of new technology and a bold exterior. This third-generation pickup is a welcome addition to the midsize segment.

Features and Specifications

The Nissan Frontier is available in 4 trims the S, SV, Pro-X, and Pro-4X. The SV trim is considered the best value for money as it has all...continue reading

A 2021 Nissan Rogue Sport driving on the road around a lot of other vehicles

The 2021 Nissan Rogue Sport is a high-performance vehicle. Its tech and specs offer peace of mind, connectivity, and ample space for drivers everywhere.

Safety has always been Nissans top priority. In the 2021 Rogue, there are plenty of driver-assist features to ensure on-road safety for everyone in the vehicle.

Lets look at some of Nissans Safety Shield 360 features. 

Rear Automatic Braking

The Rogue features automatic braking for stationary objects behind your vehicle. If the sensors detect an item and you...continue reading

A gray 2021 Nissan Kicks driving on the bridge by the city and a green 2022 Kia Soul driving through the desert

Source: Nissan

Source: Kia

Nissan is known for making quality vehicles that have stood the test of time for years. Making vehicles at a price point that is accessible to everyone, each Nissan is crafted with the customer in mind.

Offering a great mix of luxury, technology, and performance has long been the peoples champion. The 2021 Nissan Kicks is a testament to this ideology and is the perfect car for people looking for a new urban daily driver. Its compact size combined with cozy interiors makes it great...continue reading